Darwin versus Kropotkin

Where ever I look I always find
The products of a dualist mind
Opposing forces in nature rule
If you say different, you’re called a fool
Laws quite of a different kind
I see in nature, so am I blind?

What really is evolution about?
Kropotkin is in and Darwin is out!
Life is always on everyone’s side
It isn’t struggle, it isn’t fight
It is giving, it’s “Mutual Aid”
This is how and why we’re made

But Darwin they choose, his words they play
And so our culture is in decay
Compassion is out, selfishness in
Honesty and virtue’ve gone to the bin
Survival of the fittest, you must be strong
and this what’s justifies all wrong

Always it is: “them against us”
tout the party line, don’t make a fuss
We are good and they are bad
We are sane and they are mad
We are right and they are wrong
They are weak and we are strong

Though this is not reality
Still it is normality
Every minute, every day
Where I go and where I stay
Everywhere they make it clear
Only choose those who are near

Us or them, a false paradigm,
Us or them will lead to crime
Against man and nature alike
Us or them will do the first strike
When all the weapons we employ
Them and us we will destroy

It is in war, that we will die
And in destruction, we will cry
It is in peace that life can give
Only in peace that we can live
Choose peace not war, choose love, choose life
Choose cooperation instead for strive


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