Truth versus Power

Kilez More,
a German rapper
who speaks (and sings) truth to power

In human hands power and might
Concentrated never is right
Power corrupts that’s what we’ve seen
Power destroys and makes one mean
Evil resides within the towers
Belonging to the financial powers
The Central Banks the world they rule
while most of us they take as a fool
Misery and pain that’s what they create
By now in nearly every state
The power of weapons then prevails
when economic coercion fails
Death and destruction is on the side
of those who trust in military might
The psychopathic empire’s power
might finally the world devour
I ask will there be ever a way
Out of this vicious power play
So futile all our efforts seem
So hopelessly small is our team
Against an overwhelming might
How to resist it how to fight
Should we then crumble in fear and fright
Though still the truth is on our side
Truth is a very resilient thing
It might need time but if you cling
To truth, love and ethics it will be
That one day truth will set us free



Breaking the Chains

Why don’t you smell a rat?
Is it possible that
by fire alone
in a free fall zone
three buildings went down?
Now I only can frown
at the thought.
Didn’t happen that way
they’ve told us, still say
that a man from a cave
the order gave
for the depraved plot
-with what he got,
men with box-cutter knives
giving up their lives
to destroy each tower
with only the power
of a crashing plane,
that’s how 3000 people were supposedly slain
in pain
It just isn’t true.
If everyone knew,
how ridiculous the claim
and so the real aim
we would be on the way
and seeing a ray
of hope
Then wars would end.
We would no longer spend
our lives in their grip
we could give them the slip
who hate human kind
with nothing on their mind
but power

seeking always new ways
to constantly raise
their horrible powers
through perpetuate showers
of bombs and fire
to fulfill their desire
for might
But might is not right,
and truth is on our side
we can start another time
and make a new rhyme.
I know it will be
the future will see,
the light
New generations will know
as they live and they grow
truth was all it once took
to write a new book,
and break the chains
of all the reigns
of evil
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About Eve and Being Human

She’s a woman, a mother, a wife
She has done many jobs in her life.
Best to describe I can
By saying she’s one of the race of man.
She’s made so in the image of God
Just a thing to be used she is not,
Of no higher value can be
Than being part of humanity.
It’s a secret she always has known
Even long before up she had grown.
To be human is all that she’d need
And this recognition would lead
To the knowledge how precious must be
every soul in man’s family.
For our God there’s no class and no caste
Not one person for Him is a waste.
Nor is anyone more precious more high,
Although some to themselves might lie.
And on this principle she does feel
We must build for the world to heal
From the plagues of all hate and of war
So that violent oppression no more
To the painful destruction can
Lead them all those children of man.

Darwin versus Kropotkin

Where ever I look I always find
The products of a dualist mind
Opposing forces in nature rule
If you say different, you’re called a fool
Laws quite of a different kind
I see in nature, so am I blind?

What really is evolution about?
Kropotkin is in and Darwin is out!
Life is always on everyone’s side
It isn’t struggle, it isn’t fight
It is giving, it’s “Mutual Aid”
This is how and why we’re made

But Darwin they choose, his words they play
And so our culture is in decay
Compassion is out, selfishness in
Honesty and virtue’ve gone to the bin
Survival of the fittest, you must be strong
and this what’s justifies all wrong

Always it is: “them against us”
tout the party line, don’t make a fuss
We are good and they are bad
We are sane and they are mad
We are right and they are wrong
They are weak and we are strong

Though this is not reality
Still it is normality
Every minute, every day
Where I go and where I stay
Everywhere they make it clear
Only choose those who are near

Us or them, a false paradigm,
Us or them will lead to crime
Against man and nature alike
Us or them will do the first strike
When all the weapons we employ
Them and us we will destroy

It is in war, that we will die
And in destruction, we will cry
It is in peace that life can give
Only in peace that we can live
Choose peace not war, choose love, choose life
Choose cooperation instead for strive


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Through a dampening cloud

Looking back, looking back
We’re on the wrong track
What I see, what I see
We’re not at all free
What we thought, what we thought
Is real, it is not
Turn around, turn around
Look here, make no sound
Would you guess, would you guess
The world is a mess
Mess of hate, mess of hate
That is our state
Can I talk, can I talk
No I only can walk
Far away, far away
But no place to stay
For my mind, for my mind
Will I ever find
A way out, a way out
To say it aloud
What I think, what I think
I’m just on the brink
Speaking loud, speaking loud
Through a dampening cloud
Let’s make peace, let’s make peace
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You Say Salaam and I Say Peace

You say salaam سلام and I say peace
إن شاء الله
So God will these words increase
building bridges and we find
a road that’s of another kind
than all dark roads men went before
but one where hate will be no more
together we might find a way
God willing one on which we stay
for all our lives until we see
the place of our destiny.

Peace is what we both desire
and it is what’s the world in dire
need is now, especially now
and what so few of us know how
to make in times so very dark
it is a contrast far too stark
to what the powers which shouldn’t be
see as our destiny
They want us fighting to the end
inflicting wounds which never mend

I know it’s difficult, it’s hard
but couldn’t we still make a start
I take your hand and you take mine
we stand together in a line
with women who like me and you
will walk together and will do
their part to overcome the fear,
hate and distrust which is the clear
reason why so many kill.
We both know this is not the will
of the Almighty God above
who is the source of peace and love.

Christians and Muslims


Learning humility is hard
haven’t even made a good start
being the lowest of low
hard to accept it though
nothing I do is right
they say and I pick a fight
afterwards I keep asking why
is it so hard to try
keeping my mouth shut and smile
praying and then in a while
accept the limitations and grow
let faith and humility flow
through myself and my mind
not nurturing a grudge but be kind
and in the end I would see
mine and the others’ humanity