No voice, but a keyboard

Posted: April 22, 2015 in poetry

The deep, the superficial, the profound
I don’t make a sound, I don’t make a sound.
I listen,I listen and hear
but don’t talk about fear.
Hearing so much noise
but I don’t have a voice.
Am I insane
or am I just vain.
Reality does bite
but I do not fight.
They tell me
I shouldn’t be
writing this way
feeling and say
the things I know true
that’s what I shouldn’t do.
For truth doesn’t count,
it makes the wrong sound.
I should keep myself
in the right shelf.
Its either left or right
I should pick the side
religious or not
science or God,
class war, race war, culture war
take a stand, show your core
but I just can’t!!!
I wanna reach out my hand
The good I wanna see
in you and me.
In goodness I wanna believe
faith in mankind I wanna retrieve.
Both we are
near and far
good and bad
sane and mad
Human, only human are we
that alone is what I see
Many sides in every man
in every nation, every clan
all combine
before the Divine
a wondrous tree

Politics and Religion

Posted: April 22, 2015 in poetry

Politics and Religion does it mix
I’m not sure if I can do such tricks
separation of Church and State
that’s what they say is the great
of modernity’s progress today
on one side you vote on the other you pray
as a person of conscience and faith
you then are lost in a maze
should you vote for abortion or war?
what if you do want both no more?
Don´t worry you have no real choice
and neither do you have an actual voice
those in charge will keep the killing go on
in war or abortion for everyone
for once your mind sees reality
you realize that you and me
for those we call the powers that be
are nothing but little pegs on a board
to be moved around in order to hoard
not only wealth but more so power
while sitting themselves in an ivory tower
looking down on humanity with disdain
while barely able themselves to refrain
from calling mankind a scourge to the earth
a virulent species without any worth.

Not A Planned Child

Posted: April 6, 2015 in poetry

English lyrics to the song:
“Ich bin kein Wunschkind”
by German singer and composer
Rolf Zuckowski


I’m not a planned child
and still so much I’d like to live,
no planned child
but it is life that you will give.
Mamma, thank you so,
hand in hand into the future now we’ll go.

I’m not a planned child,
and still you have though chosen me,
no planned child,
and this big world I now will see.
Mamma, feel my heart,
you and I’ll go on to an amazing start.

In just a few years I will be grown,
and for now the two of us won’t be alone.
In just a few years they all will see,
how far we’ve come on our road both you and me.

I’m not a planned child
so what, what does that really mean?
no planned child,
that’s what so many once have been
Mamma you and I,
we’ve got each other and the best is what we’ll try

I’m not a planned child,
and though I still feel safe with you,
no planned child,
and day by day we will go through.
Mamma, you and I,
sometimes we’ll laugh and sometimes we will cry

In just a few years I will be grown,
and so for now the two of us won’t be alone,
in just a few years they all will see
how far we’ve come on our road both you and me

You did not take the easy way,
my heart inside you made you think
that I would say:

Though not a planned child
still I would love to live,
no planned child
still have so much to give.
Mama, look at me,
from now on we both should see it differently:

I am a loved child
for you have chosen me,
a loved child,
we can live happily.
Mamma feel my heart,
you and I’ll go on to an amazing start.

I am a loved child…a loved child

loved child

The Dollar Will Fall

Posted: February 12, 2015 in poetry

The dollar falls

They constantly say
o vey, o vey
the dollar will fall
I shrug, is that all?
They say buy gold
and so I’m bold
say gold you can’t eat
it’s a tool just for greed
They call and call
the dollar will fall
it makes them mad
but me. it makes glad
there will be no more
money for war
and I think maybe
we all will be free


Whatever I Do

Posted: September 26, 2014 in poetry

It seems nothing I do is right
I am just not very bright
All I do seems wrong
The list of my failures is long

I’m stumbling in the dark
The difference is so stark
Between what I achieve
And what I’d like to give

Tomorrow I will see
Another way maybe
But now it is tonight
And nothing seems right

Lord please give me a sign
A need so great is mine
For hope which doesn’t fail
Which always will avail

Whatever I do oh God
Without Your help will not
Succeed and bring some fruit
But with You all will be good

The Cunning of Reason

Posted: June 10, 2014 in poetry

This time indeed it is the season
of the “cunning of the reason”
when wicked men will overreach
in their deeds and in their speech
they here and now will bring about
in their all too evil clout
finally their own down fall
though they were so very tall
they will shrink and will be small
then they’ll become nothing at all

This time indeed it is the season
of the “cunning of the reason”
The plan of God, it will prevail
while human plans will always fail
this culture, which is based on greed
will soon experience defeat
the power evil men did gain
it is becoming now a chain
around their each and every mind
imprisoning and making blind

This time indeed it is the season
of the “cunning of the reason”
The evil that’s so long been spread
now will be nothing but a dead
already on arrival plan
of some very stupid men
All the suffering and pain
they’ve inflicted’ll be in vain
from now on they won’t succeed
in their power and their greed

This time indeed it is the season
of the “cunning of the reason”
Reason’s Logos, the Word of God
evil men defeat it not
in their warped and twisted mind
wisdom they could never find
the mills of God they might seem slow
but steady, steady on they go
through peaceful power from above
good prevails for God is Love


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Make a tune

Posted: May 20, 2014 in poetry


La-le-loon, make a tune
devoted to the man in the moon
hoe, hoe, hoe, there’s a show
all now watch, high and low
hex, hex, hex, now make sex
with him or her or with your ex

Atomic war is looming
one industry is booming
a few will shout, very loud,
there’s no way out, no way out
so la-le-loon, make a tune
devoted to the man in the moon

Bombs are falling all around
avert your eyes and make no sound
do not look, there are children dying
do not watch their mothers crying
but la-le-loon make a tune
devoted to the man in the moon

But the moon is a rock and the sun a star
looking too long at them from afar
will eventually make me blind
reality I’ll no longer find
so la-le-loon I make a tune
but not for the man in the moon