Steal these Poems


Come here and steal these poems I say
come and take them with you away
Believe me these words are not a game
I really don’t need to make a name
just for myself in writing some stuff
if five only read, that’s just not enough
I’d be honored you’d give them your name
I am sure they won’t put you to shame
I do not insist on copyright
instead I believe with all my might
that some spark of good is in us all
though still too often we all might fall
to dreadful whispers of greed and of hate
that’s why the world is in such a state
Of no value these poems some  say
They would not touch them though if I’d pray.
Sure, no problem you don’t have to stay
I understand since I write in a way
that sounds so strange on this crazy site
telling me this will not hurt my pride
I told you reasons for what I do
writing these poems for folks just like you
who in dissonance now have to live
that’s why I intend to freely give
what I’m able in my small ways to do
for my dream of peace one day to come true.



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