Feeling, knowing, praying


Feeling in such a strange way
knowing that I cannot say
what’s going on in my head
for I am far too upset
no, not at all being kind
are the thoughts in my mind
people oblivious around
listening all to the sound
of once again media lies
everything inside me cries
why is this happ’ning again
when will this end, O Lord, when
when will enough blood been shed
the beast of war no more fed
when will the heavens above
the Spirit’s power of love
change all those hearts made of steel
to hearts of flesh let them feel
when will insanity end
how will we ever prevent
slaughter of the innocent
why so much evil, Lord, why
I can’t understand though I try
so many questions, o God
answers today I find not
nothing I can do today
nothing but cry out and pray….


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