Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

I should have known
I was a bone-
head not to see
what’s clear to me
now, when it hurts,
that words
as commitment and love
are nothing more than puff
of smoke,
since broke
the world has been for a while,
the hearts of people on a pile,
burning to ashes
in clashes
of ideologies of selfishness and hate.
How ever could I wait,
fall for the bait
of hope and trust
in people, when bust
is trust and faith and love,
no signs appearing from above
that there’s a future for us all
outside of pain, and so I call
up high
asking why
He could not leave to me
this tiny piece of normality.
No answer here
does now appear,
there was a theft,
now I’m bereft
of trust, and what is left
are so it seems
nothing but dreams
cutting like beams
and a poisoned dart
tearing apart
my heart.
Should I still wait,
while in a state
of hopelessness and pain,
could it not be in vain,
when wounds been slain
to lift my eyes
to the skies,
might I hear
what is dear,
could I dare
not to despair
not to scare
away from hurt.
Is there a word
that still is true,
a Word from You?

light in darkness


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