You Say Salaam and I Say Peace

You say salaam سلام and I say peace
إن شاء الله
So God will these words increase
building bridges and we find
a road that’s of another kind
than all dark roads men went before
but one where hate will be no more
together we might find a way
God willing one on which we stay
for all our lives until we see
the place of our destiny.

Peace is what we both desire
and it is what’s the world in dire
need is now, especially now
and what so few of us know how
to make in times so very dark
it is a contrast far too stark
to what the powers which shouldn’t be
see as our destiny
They want us fighting to the end
inflicting wounds which never mend

I know it’s difficult, it’s hard
but couldn’t we still make a start
I take your hand and you take mine
we stand together in a line
with women who like me and you
will walk together and will do
their part to overcome the fear,
hate and distrust which is the clear
reason why so many kill.
We both know this is not the will
of the Almighty God above
who is the source of peace and love.

Christians and Muslims


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