A Simple Faith

A simple faith, a simple trust in God is not my own
I need to analyze, dissect and often I am thrown
into the darkness of my own so isolated mind
where I without a cry for help then can no longer find
connection to my fellow men, connection to my God.
Where are you, Lord, for I’m alone my soul can feel you not?
I thirst, o God, no water’s in the desert of my soul
Why did you make me incomplete, there is this gaping hole
that never can be filled at all sufficiently inside
no matter what I did to it no matter what I tried
the hole is still a part of me the emptiness is mine.
O God what is your plan for me and what is your design
in giving me a restless mind which wanders far and wide
in search of understanding and with no one at my side?
The answer comes then when I pray to Him who’d never leave:
“The hole is there so you will search for Me and will retrieve
the simple faith, the simple trust that’s needed for your mind
to open up yourself to Me to be no longer blind
to a reality beyond your narrow reason’s scope
a world of faith, a world of love, a world of trusting hope.


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