Sometimes I Cry

There come the times
when looking at the crimes
of the powers that are but shouldn’t be
when darkness is all my mind can see
Then in the night
I feel the fright
fearing what will come and what will be
my world’s and my people’s destiny.
I tell myself I no longer care
and in the dark to the ceiling I stare
Maybe we just are not ready for love
and the gentle flight of peace’s dove
have to see
the consequences of our debauchery
of hate and strife
corruption and drive
for power and gain
while millions are slain
in the interest of self
while always we delve
into what profits it me and mine
while everyone else is put on the line
of death, destruction and misery.
Then I tell myself, what will be will be.
But then comes morning with the rising of the sun
while the darkness is lifted and it has begun
to open my mind
and what I can find
even on the slithering slope
is a specter of hope.
Goodness I see
all around me
courage and integrity
actions of selflessness and love
words of truth and all above
I sense the gentle flight of the dove



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