Anger will always narrow my mind
up to the point where I no longer find
any solution but violence and hate.
Anger will put me then in a state
of thinking and rambling without any reason
and any sense in a confused season
of utterly counterproductive times
when absolute nothing of value rhymes.
Anger will never give useful advice
instead it will make me thoroughly despise
anyone I cannot force to agree
with all the words that come out of me
My way or the highway in anger I say
and for this attitude a price I will pay.
Good men won’t listen and good men won’t care
my disdain they reflect and then they will stare
at me, what they actually see is then
nothing more special than a crazy man.
Anger to hatred the way it will lead
and then it becomes of violence the seed
destruction is all this seed can sow
into desolation it then will throw,
a better future it certainly won’t bring
that good will emerge is an impossible thing
My God says anger is a deadly sin
with hatred and anger I’ll never win.


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