Overcoming Anger, Fear and Despair


Faith, Hope and Love is what we need
to overcome the devil’s feed
of raging anger, stifling fear
which would eventually tear
the soul apart,lead to despair.
But it’s in faith that we can dare
to trust in God and in His Word
the one so powerful we’ve heard
from time and ages coming here
in human form to be us near
Through hope the future we can see
as bright and glowing destiny
Hope helps the present now to bear
without us sinking in despair
In love we can forgive and heal
from anger and from the appeal
of vengeful thoughts, selfish desire
that would us lead then to admire
some men or group who so might seem
to have the answer, might redeem
the world through violence and war
when in reality they’re far
more likely to destroy and kill
all those who might oppose their will
out of the chaos they’d create
the world emerges in a state
of misery not seen before
dictatorship that at its core
has hatred for the human race
this is what likely would replace
this world, if anger, fear, despair
would lead us in the public sphere.
Real peace will come from God above
created through Faith, Hope and Love


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