That Certain Day

air plane
Sometimes I think about that day
when all things changed and went away
the certainty so eas’ly set
deep in my thoughts within my head
about the world here all around
that it was good and it was sound
that it was safe therein to live.
That past I never can retrieve.
May God in heaven now forgive
that I’ve so utt’rly been naive.
For on my conscience’s now the stain
of never having seen the pain
of all those people who’ve been slain
for other purpose none than gain
who once have lived here all around
but have been murdered without count.
Now you will see my world has turned
and yes indeed this has been spurned
by witnessing that certain day,
oh God what high a price to pay
to have received a brandnew mind
a mind that will no longer bind
me here to what they have approved
as being true, for they have goofed,
for plotting in their evil pact
their act so vicious has in fact
forever changed not just my mind
but those of others just as blind.
Through all the fog we now can see
the sliver of reality.
With ease we now can see through lies
and even more behind disguise
of seemingly so noble men,
oh yes, oh yes, oh yes we can.
Worshipping slaves to creeds of pow’r
they are all day, while plot all hour
the world to rule on mounts of dead
and wounded men whose blood’s been shed
for their futurist ambition.
No, they never show contrition
for all the things which they have done,
for all the ways where they have gone
to reach their game, nefarious aim
destroy for fame, mut’late and maim
here all of us, humanity.
It’s crazy it’s insanity,
for their real goal it is indeed
in time to make another breed
another species of man,
with brains but without hearts and then
destroy they want the man of old
humanicied they’ve planed ice-cold
fulfilling all their callous dreams
at least for me that’s how it seems
to overcome the acts of God
for they believe that God is not.
These words bring hurts to you I know,
but absolutely I can show
you all of their horrendous acts
with evidence and all the facts
which I would hope could prove to you
that what I said is really true.
The truth will spread I hope and pray
It all began that certain day.

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