After the Bust

bank bust
One day the banks will certainly go bust
but don’t be afraid it’s not a must
that the economy will go down the drains
creating horrible unbearable pains
for the world’s people all around
as unbelievable as it might sound.
When the banks eventually will fail
they certainly will leave a trail
of a lot of financial destruction behind
but don’t you worry that’s when you might find
that what’s been destroyed that very day
was nothing else but a heap of decay.
If you will then have brains and a heart
and courage enough then you can start
a new and better economy of trade
where the greedy will no longer parade
their unearned riches stolen by fraud
through a fixed speculation casino pot.
Money will then become a servant to man,
no longer demand the enslavement then
of the ordinary people who lose home and job
so the rich become richer and they can fob
us by owning the media and the political scene
where they often and regularly convene.
Instead then democracy has a chance to come back
and the people will be on a brand new track
to a world of justice, peace and love.
You think that’s utopian but I see the dove
already flying with the olive branch in wait
and I believe it is not too late
Give peace a chance and justice too,
the future is waiting for me and you.


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