Sinners, yes that’s what we’re all
deeply wounded by the fall
and the perfection of us each
I’m sorry it’s not in our reach.
When I for heroes search and look
what I will find is most a crook
But then when judging far too fast
both of the present and the past
of all this many other men
this then the moment will be when
I pass a mirror what I see
is nothing but iniquity.
And for this mirror I thank God
and for the image which so odd
tells the truth while then it shows
me reflected in a pose
beaming with self-satisfaction
while belonging to the fraction
of the sneering pharisees.
But until I’m on my knees
I have been so sourly blind
to harmful flaws within my mind
But whomever would I kid
the one who counts not one wee bit.
And though it deeply might depress
when in the end I will confess
that I’m a sinner like them all
those many others who will fall
today, tomorrow, every day.
And so with all my heart I pray
Oh God have mercy on us all
who have been wounded by the fall
And even though we are so weak
in what we do and what we speak
Do not give up on us quite yet
please send Your Spirit down instead
And let Him change our evil mind
so that a new way we can find
to live with one another here
with honesty and without fear
in love and kindness without war
where hate oppression are no more



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