The Pharisees

I do hate drugs, it’s wrong to deal
but it’s a lot more wrong to steal
away from someone all his life
to so forever then deprive
him of another chance to show
that he can really make a go
of living in the normal sphere
and so I cry for him a tear.
For three strike life he sits in here
having been sentenced by his peer.


What bugs me most about it all
that crimes so much, much, much more tall
are then committed every day
but they are legal as they say.
Killing men by bomb or drone
women, children everyone.
While little man to three strike prey
holes tons of drugs in the CIA.
The state that tortures in Gitmo bay
but then to Russia and China would say:
you are violators of human rights.
With utter revulsion this me smites
to look at the peak of hypocrisies
in the nation of the pharesees.


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