Who is Man

(If you watch the video below you will see that the interrogator’s quote in the poem, is nearly what one of them actually says in the video, just without the rhyme)

“Who is man that You should know him?”
asks the Good Book as if in a whim
I ask as well, who is man indeed
I only know that he can bleed
when in misfortune he will meet
the owners of a murderous greed.
The worst of them do not lack wealth
what they would like to acquire by stealth
is an horrific  increase of power
to control every house and every tower
to determine the whole future of man
this they hope that one day they can.
For now what they do is just to destroy
treating man like he were a toy
to use and abuse for their psycho play
dissecting his mind as if on a tray
using every method and every ploy
and every other way to destroy
his body, his dignity and his life
and while determined such they strive
towards their misanthropic aim
in their so utterly ruthless game.

You can watch when to youtube you have gone,
how nowadays interrogations are done.
How to humiliate they will strip bare
the prisoner within the cold air.
How then they start to toy with his mind
while sleep deprave him and making him blind.
In stress-positions they then will sow pain,
while telling you it’s done just to gain
information so important that’s why
they have to extract it, but all is a lie.
Full control of the mind is the aim
of this their most barbarian game.
The interrogator then you will hear
using words which pierce like a spear
the soul of him the victimized man
no resistance against it uphold he can:
“Every wish, every hope and also your creed
I will now extract and then I will eat
your psyche I totally will devour
for I over you shall always have power.”

Looking on this I ask again
with a heavy heart: “Oh, who is man?”
Taking still more another look
to what is written in the Good Book:
“You made him little less than an angel” it says
though man destroys man, oh why, I press
for an answer, an easy one I find not.
It says we’re made in the image of God.
But God is good, this is my creed
and therefor I am so much in need
to understand oh why, oh why
these things happen. And God says try
not to look at him who inflicts the pain
but on the other who is slain.
Look closer at his face and see,
now realize this face is Me.



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