The worst adviser of all is despair.
For if I follow I’ll no longer care
about what’s happening all around
instead I’ll only hear the sound
of my own wailing helplessly
deriding a ruthless destiny.
I will not move, have little to say
I will not hope, I will not pray
The triad of I, myself and me
will fill my thoughts in self-pity.
Despair means giving up on good
and so it becomes the devil’s food:
If everything’s bad then I will say
what use is it that I would stay
a person with an ethical core
when there is nothing good in store.
Eat, drink, be merry and party all day
watch TV, movies and in between play.
The world’s a trashcan, humanity stinks,
why should I care if it still deeper sinks?
Man is an animal mainly a louse,
woman’s a sex-tool or maybe a mouse,
a pest to the planet that’s what we are
and therefor it would be better by far
to have a lot less of us around
doesn’t that have a familiar sound?
My God tells me: “Do not despair,
although the world might not be fair
Accept whatever you can’t change
and change what is now in your range
And then be wise enough to know
what difference is between the two
and put your hope and trust in me
for I am God and destiny.”


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