Why I Rhyme

reality check

Someone might ask why do you rhyme
and I would say in this sublime
the truth is told to those who’d hear
since otherwise they’d full of fear
will turn away and close their mind
and keep on being deaf and blind
to this reality upside down
where ethics morals have been blown
to pieces so and rot away,
society is in decay.

It’s mostly greed which without pause
seeks wealth and power that’s the cause
for all destruction, all the lies
which might still lead to the demise
of human kind upon this earth
the situation is so terse.
I know myself the utter pain
once I had come upon this train
of thought and knowledge about that
the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve read.

It will not be an easy way
we have to go, we cannot stay
in our familiar comfort place,
for all of us are in a race,
the truth needs to be spread to see
for all, the first step this must be.
Not violence is the solution
nor blood-thirst in a revolution
Instead each one of us must do
what’s right and ethical is too.

God-willing then we’ll see the day
when truth and ethics return may,
when we have broken all the chains
which keep our minds under the reigns
of evil, war and force and hate
that kept us in destructive state
We’ll walk in peace another path,
no more occur then nature’s wrath.
This then will be a different time
I hope for it, that’s why I rhyme.


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