Weakness or Strength

You tell me that it is weak
turning back the other cheek.
You think only he is right
who puts up a valiant fight.

But I see in the one the strength
the one who goes to any length
looking in his enemies eyes
honest yes and without any lies
then he turns the other cheek
You still insist that this is weak?

Even in his enemy
he’ll recognize humanity.
What his inner eye will see
this will also set him free
from hatred and the need to fight
and proving with his fists he’s right.

Now chances are the enemy
will also see humanity
in him who turned the other cheek
Do you really think that’s weak?

An aggressor still might lift his hand
and strike and even kill in the end
but what thoughts then will come to you
please tell me absolutely true
Who of those two you then feel has been weak,
the killer or the one who turned his cheek?

Violence, yes, can win the day,
a victory though that will not stay
Who on brutality will rely,
constantly fears that he might die
through the revenge of those he oppressed.
In the end he will be possessed.
Insanity is what he will gain,
paranoid fear will be his pain.
To look at violence will make us sad
the perpetrator though he will go mad.


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