The God I Know

The God I know you cannot see,
though visible He is to me.
The God you see is harsh and cruel
but love I feel is my God’s rule.
But both of us see through a lens
a mirror or a fog that’s dense.
God is beyond our little mind
beyond the attributes we find
He made the universe so tall
from subatomic particles small
cooperate those particles do
to make the earth and me and you.
Look close and see cooperation
throughout all things in His creation
In cooperation His love He’ll reveal,
this is the foundation of the deal
He has with us the human kind
the products of His loving mind.
From atoms, proteins, DNA
nature’s made perfect in every way.
In evolution I can see
God’s finger writing you and me,
perfect in weakness and in strength
in smallness and also in length.
As individual He made me,
a social being I must be.
I know it looks like contradiction
but it’s exactly in this friction
of differences line by line
that I can fathom the Divine.
In Him, through Him all things unite
apart from Him they will divide.
Cruelty exists when man plays God
believes he is, though he is not.
In many ways I understand
the way you feel now, when you rant.
So many evil man can do
when to himself he isn’t true,
the image of a loving God
distorted, twisted in a knot.
But my faith tells me that the Word
of God came down to bear the hurt
became a victim, felt the pain
of man’s brutality, was slain.
God does not play with us a game
instead He suffers for our blame.
For me though I don’t understand
the will of God in every end,
I have to trust and have to hope
so I won’t slither down the slope
where I give in to pain and fear,
the negativity would steer
me in the path of desperation,
not a desirable destination.
So God is good, that’s what I say
and in this trust I want to stay.
the cross


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