A Sea of Pain

sea of pain

The psychopaths of power
once again devour
another land
with a slight of hand
turn into a sea of pain
the Ukraine.

The phrases of democracy
while dripping with hypocrisy
from their mouths so loud
the words they did shout
leaving nothing but pain
for the Ukraine.

What will the future bring
what songs will they sing
marching to a Nazi tune
ethnic cleansing soon
rivers of blood and pain
in the Ukraine?

Where’s your conscience West
well it hides at best
or then have you none
look at what you’ve done
causing fear and pain
in the Ukraine.

All that’s left for me
is to watch and see
and to hope and pray
that God’s mercy may
spare from war and pain
the Ukraine.



Sinners, yes that’s what we’re all
deeply wounded by the fall
and the perfection of us each
I’m sorry it’s not in our reach.
When I for heroes search and look
what I will find is most a crook
But then when judging far too fast
both of the present and the past
of all this many other men
this then the moment will be when
I pass a mirror what I see
is nothing but iniquity.
And for this mirror I thank God
and for the image which so odd
tells the truth while then it shows
me reflected in a pose
beaming with self-satisfaction
while belonging to the fraction
of the sneering pharisees.
But until I’m on my knees
I have been so sourly blind
to harmful flaws within my mind
But whomever would I kid
the one who counts not one wee bit.
And though it deeply might depress
when in the end I will confess
that I’m a sinner like them all
those many others who will fall
today, tomorrow, every day.
And so with all my heart I pray
Oh God have mercy on us all
who have been wounded by the fall
And even though we are so weak
in what we do and what we speak
Do not give up on us quite yet
please send Your Spirit down instead
And let Him change our evil mind
so that a new way we can find
to live with one another here
with honesty and without fear
in love and kindness without war
where hate oppression are no more


A Proletarian Who Dares To Speak

stinging nettle
My language has no flowers
but still it empowers
me when I express
what I think about the mess
this world is in right now
and when I think how
we might go about
to lift the cloud
hanging above
without love
over the mind
of human kind

My language is so plain
more like a freight train
not flying high
but short and dry
a tree is a tree
that’s all I can see
though beauty might abound
here, there and around
but to no avail
for my words will fail
me to bring it to life
though hard I would strive

My language is pedestrian
for sure not equestrian
not from a horse high
and I wouldn’t even try
to be intellectual
but I want to be factual
I’d like to say
without delay
what I’ve seen and heard
every sentence every word
of what I perceive to be true
to everyone from me to you

My language has a simple tone
and most often it is prone
to tell you straight out
a cloud is a cloud
there is no subtlety behind
those words of any kind
the meaning is open and clear
about what I despise or fear
and what I hope for and love
and what my faith is above
A proletarian who dares to speak
this for sure makes me a freak

Sometimes I Cry

There come the times
when looking at the crimes
of the powers that are but shouldn’t be
when darkness is all my mind can see
Then in the night
I feel the fright
fearing what will come and what will be
my world’s and my people’s destiny.
I tell myself I no longer care
and in the dark to the ceiling I stare
Maybe we just are not ready for love
and the gentle flight of peace’s dove
have to see
the consequences of our debauchery
of hate and strife
corruption and drive
for power and gain
while millions are slain
in the interest of self
while always we delve
into what profits it me and mine
while everyone else is put on the line
of death, destruction and misery.
Then I tell myself, what will be will be.
But then comes morning with the rising of the sun
while the darkness is lifted and it has begun
to open my mind
and what I can find
even on the slithering slope
is a specter of hope.
Goodness I see
all around me
courage and integrity
actions of selflessness and love
words of truth and all above
I sense the gentle flight of the dove


The Son of the Carpenter’s Bride


Laid in a manger with sheep at his side
there was the son of the carpenter’s bride.
Shepherds and foreigners would come and see
Emmanuel, the king of eternity.
The humble alone were those who would know
that from high in the heavens had come so low
The God from God and Light from Light
To be the son of the carpenter’s bride.

Though He was the Father’s eternal Word
He chose to come and feel the hurt
For it was He who’d bear the pain
And it was He who would be slain.
For you and me, for mankind all
For all our sins to redeem the fall
The suffering king of power and might
He was the son of the carpenter’s bride.

When now a babe in the manger you see
Then always remember the cross’s tree.
Wherever you’ve gone, the pain you’ve been through
He’ll understand for He’s been there with you.
The Man of Sorrows says: “Come follow me
Throughout your time to eternity”
And then He’ll open His arms to you wide,
Your Brother, the son of the carpenter’s bride.


A Simple Faith

A simple faith, a simple trust in God is not my own
I need to analyze, dissect and often I am thrown
into the darkness of my own so isolated mind
where I without a cry for help then can no longer find
connection to my fellow men, connection to my God.
Where are you, Lord, for I’m alone my soul can feel you not?
I thirst, o God, no water’s in the desert of my soul
Why did you make me incomplete, there is this gaping hole
that never can be filled at all sufficiently inside
no matter what I did to it no matter what I tried
the hole is still a part of me the emptiness is mine.
O God what is your plan for me and what is your design
in giving me a restless mind which wanders far and wide
in search of understanding and with no one at my side?
The answer comes then when I pray to Him who’d never leave:
“The hole is there so you will search for Me and will retrieve
the simple faith, the simple trust that’s needed for your mind
to open up yourself to Me to be no longer blind
to a reality beyond your narrow reason’s scope
a world of faith, a world of love, a world of trusting hope.

Overcoming Anger, Fear and Despair


Faith, Hope and Love is what we need
to overcome the devil’s feed
of raging anger, stifling fear
which would eventually tear
the soul apart,lead to despair.
But it’s in faith that we can dare
to trust in God and in His Word
the one so powerful we’ve heard
from time and ages coming here
in human form to be us near
Through hope the future we can see
as bright and glowing destiny
Hope helps the present now to bear
without us sinking in despair
In love we can forgive and heal
from anger and from the appeal
of vengeful thoughts, selfish desire
that would us lead then to admire
some men or group who so might seem
to have the answer, might redeem
the world through violence and war
when in reality they’re far
more likely to destroy and kill
all those who might oppose their will
out of the chaos they’d create
the world emerges in a state
of misery not seen before
dictatorship that at its core
has hatred for the human race
this is what likely would replace
this world, if anger, fear, despair
would lead us in the public sphere.
Real peace will come from God above
created through Faith, Hope and Love