Politics and Religion

Posted: April 22, 2015 in poetry

Politics and Religion does it mix
I’m not sure if I can do such tricks
separation of Church and State
that’s what they say is the great
of modernity’s progress today
on one side you vote on the other you pray
as a person of conscience and faith
you then are lost in a maze
should you vote for abortion or war?
what if you do want both no more?
Don´t worry you have no real choice
and neither do you have an actual voice
those in charge will keep the killing go on
in war or abortion for everyone
for once your mind sees reality
you realize that you and me
for those we call the powers that be
are nothing but little pegs on a board
to be moved around in order to hoard
not only wealth but more so power
while sitting themselves in an ivory tower
looking down on humanity with disdain
while barely able themselves to refrain
from calling mankind a scourge to the earth
a virulent species without any worth.

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