No voice, but a keyboard

Posted: April 22, 2015 in poetry

The deep, the superficial, the profound
I don’t make a sound, I don’t make a sound.
I listen,I listen and hear
but don’t talk about fear.
Hearing so much noise
but I don’t have a voice.
Am I insane
or am I just vain.
Reality does bite
but I do not fight.
They tell me
I shouldn’t be
writing this way
feeling and say
the things I know true
that’s what I shouldn’t do.
For truth doesn’t count,
it makes the wrong sound.
I should keep myself
in the right shelf.
Its either left or right
I should pick the side
religious or not
science or God,
class war, race war, culture war
take a stand, show your core
but I just can’t!!!
I wanna reach out my hand
The good I wanna see
in you and me.
In goodness I wanna believe
faith in mankind I wanna retrieve.
Both we are
near and far
good and bad
sane and mad
Human, only human are we
that alone is what I see
Many sides in every man
in every nation, every clan
all combine
before the Divine
a wondrous tree

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