A poet or not

Posted: May 19, 2014 in poetry


Am I a poet? I don’t know
If I was a poet the rhymes I’d show
would have a soft and harmless ring
they would not have an itchy sting
they would not hurt, they would not bite
but accept our culture, be polite

If I was a poet I’d look in my soul
and not outside and at the whole
wide world and not at politics
and at its dirty ugly bricks
from which they structure reality
instead the trees and clouds I’d see

I’d write about love, the sexy kind
and not about what’s in my mind
the fear of violence and war
the hope that one day war’s no more
The west’s narrative I’d confirm
that’s in a poet’s contract term

But I’m not a poet, I’m just me
with a certain take on reality
different and painful for both me and you
smashing concepts, that’s what I do
looking to the heavens above
searching for peace and finding love

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