In human hands power and might
Concentrated never is right
Power corrupts that’s what we’ve seen
Power destroys and makes one mean
Evil resides within the towers
Belonging to the financial powers
The Central Banks the world they rule
while most of us they take as a fool
Misery and pain that’s what they create
By now in nearly every state
The power of weapons then prevails
when economic coercion fails
Death and destruction is on the side
of those who trust in military might
The psychopathic empire’s power
might finally the world devour
I ask will there be ever a way
Out of this vicious power play
So futile all our efforts seem
So hopelessly small is our team
Against an overwhelming might
How to resist it how to fight
Should we then crumble in fear and fright
Though still the truth is on our side
Truth is a very resilient thing
It might need time but if you cling
To truth, love and ethics it will be
That one day truth will set us free



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