Children of Man

I’m a woman, a mother, a wife
I have done many jobs in my life.
Best myself to describe then I can
by being one of the race of man.
I´m made so in the image of God
just a thing to be used I am not,
Of no higher value I can be
than being a part of humanity.
It’s a secret I always have known
even long before up I had grown.
To be human is all that I need
and this recognition would lead
to the knowledge how precious must be
every soul in the human family.
For my God there’s no class and no caste
not one person for Him is a waste.
Nor is anyone more precious more high,
although some to themselves might lie.
And on this principle I do feel
we must build for the world to heal
from the plagues of all hate and of war
so that violent oppression no more
to the painful destruction can
lead them all those children of man.


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