What is Love?

Posted: August 15, 2013 in poetry
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Some say to me that it would be the ef… word
but when in hurt the ef…word they blurt
it looks far more it’s hate they state.
And so you see for me that doesn’t sound too great
ef…ing! ef… you! ef… me! I’m ef…ed!
I feel that there has been a theft,
of words and love which both are true
to give as gifts from me to you.

Love’s commitment, love’s a word
love’s a feeling, sometimes it´ll hurt
love is giving, love is care
love is trusting and sometimes scare
love is honesty and truth
love is never cuss nor rude
love’s a virtue greater than all
of which often short I fall

Love is patient, love is kind
love’s an expression of my mind
love’s forgiveness beyond all
love reach’s out when I should fall
love is hope and love is faith
love’s the person I embrace
love is generous, jealous not
love’s eternal, Love is God


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  1. Well it certainly is a sacrifice! LOL! What a beautiful poem! I like the art work too BTW… Thank you!

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