Here this arrow it will lead
to some poems more to read


Eve Human’s the name
I chose when it came
to that certain time
the moment, when I’m
being ready to share
the things that I care
so much more about
than I will aloud
far more than I may
then probably say.

Eve Human’s the name
for I seek no fame
or then lot’s of wealth
or anything else,
that’s sure not my game.
T’would all be a shame
for me such to try,
and that so is why
you’ll nev’r see my face
in this very place.

Eve Human’s the name,
you’d read “When Hope came”,
the novel she wrote
using quote upon quote
from all over time
to make you a rhyme
of the present and past
and all that might last
in a time not yet seen
where no one has been,
but Hope….


3 thoughts on “..”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I did read some of your poems, and they are beautiful. You have your own style. And in writing poems everyone has to have his personal style to express him- or herself, otherwise it would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

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